Associates swing hammers for Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln

Commitment to community is a vibrant part of our culture at Ameritas. That’s why our associates are encouraged to volunteer in so many different ways.

Giving back means a lot to our associates. “I feel good volunteering, “said Jennifer Campbell of our group division. “This is my way of contributing to the community. I like to get my hands dirty and help out, and just be involved.”

Heather Anschutz, vice president and general counsel of the Ameritas group division, finds value not just personally, but for her team as well. When she learned about the opportunity to help build a home with Habitat for Humanity in Lincoln, Nebraska, home of Ameritas headquarters, she knew right away she wanted to get more associates involved.

“As soon as I saw the posting I was excited. I thought this was something we could do together as a team-building activity. You know, when someone has a hammer and nail right by your hammer and fingers, it’s a trust-building activity at the same time.”

Ameritas is proud to help make life more fulfilling in the communities we serve.