JoAnn Martin

“We want our customers to be in a better place because of their relationship with Ameritas.”
— JoAnn M. Martin

Fulfilling life is what we do. Every day.

Caring about our customers is a tradition at Ameritas. The satisfaction we derive from serving others is ingrained in our culture, and our people set us apart.

This customer-oriented culture is rooted in our structure as a mutual-based organization. Ameritas is a company with a great story to tell about a heritage of financial strength and a focus on stable, long-term growth. We value hard work, responsibility and reliability, and that will never change.

We are passionate about helping make the lives of our customers and their families better through the competitive insurance, employee benefits and financial services we offer. We are proud of the positive impact Ameritas has on the people and communities we serve. We are proud to say we’re in the business of fulfilling life.

This is our calling at Ameritas.



JoAnn M. Martin, CPA, FLMI
Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

Board of Directors


  • D. Wayne Silby

    Founding Chairman
    Calvert Funds

  • Paul C. "Chip" Schorr IV

    Senior Managing Director
    One Equity Partners

  • Patricia A. McGuire

    Trinity Washington University

  • James P. Abel

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    NEBCO, Inc.

  • JoAnn M. Martin

    Chief Executive Officer
    Ameritas Mutual Holding Company

  • Tonn M. Ostergard

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Crete Carrier Corporation

  • John S. “Sid” Dinsdale

    Pinnacle Bancorp, Inc.


  • James R. Krieger

    Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer
    Gallup, Inc.

  • John T. “Tad” Lawrence III

    Senior Vice President and Senior Institutional Consultant
    UBS Financial Services, Inc.

  • Bryan E. Slone

    Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • Kim M. Robak

    Senior Partner
    Mueller Robak LLC

Leadership Team

  • JoAnn M. Martin, CPA, FLMI

    Chief Executive Officer

  • William W. Lester, CFA, FLMI

    President and Chief Operating Officer

Individual Division, Ameritas Investment Corp. and Retirement Plans

  • Ryan C. Beasley, CFP, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, LLIF

    Senior Vice President
    Individual Division

  • Michael D. Burns

    Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance and Risk Management Officer
    Ameritas Investment Corp.

  • Cheryl L. Heilman

    Ameritas Investment Corp.

  • Robert M. Jurgensmeier, FSA, MAAA

    Senior Vice President, Chief Actuary
    Individual Division

  • Jim Kais

    Senior Vice President
    Retirement Plans

  • Lisa A. Mullen, CPA, FLMI

    Senior Vice President
    Individual Financial Operations

  • Steven J. Valerius, FLMI

    Individual Division

Group Division

  • Karen M. Gustin, LLIF

    Executive Vice President
    Group Division

  • James J. Barone

    Senior Vice President
    Group Distribution

  • Patrick D. “Drew” Fleming

    Senior Vice President
    Group National Accounts and Key Partnering Relationships

  • Bruce E. Mieth

    Senior Vice President
    Group Operations

  • Kelly J. Wieseler, FSA, MAAA

    Senior Vice President
    Group Chief Actuary and Underwriting

Ameritas Investment Partners

  • James Mikus, CFA, FLMI

    President and Chief Executive Officer

Shared Services

  • Brent F. Korte

    Senior Vice President
    and Chief Marketing Officer

  • Christine M. Neighbors, Esq.

    Senior Vice President
    and Assistant Secretary

  • April L. Rimpley, LLIF, FLMI

    Senior Vice President
    Human Resources

  • Robert-John H. Sands, CLU, ChFC

    Senior Vice President, General Counsel
    and Corporate Secretary

  • Carrie C. Weber

    Senior Vice President
    Compliance and Risk

  • Linda A. Whitmire, FSA, MAAA

    Senior Vice President,
    Chief Actuary, Corporate

  • Richard A. Wiedenbeck

    Senior Vice President
    and Chief Information Officer

  • Susan K. Wilkinson, CPA, FLMI

    Executive Vice President,
    Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer