Building a field of dreams

Building a field of dreamsSwampland. That’s what the Little League baseball facility in Weston, Massachusetts, was not too long ago. The community came together to transform this patch of land into a field of dreams for local youth – creating a place for them to play, compete, learn life lessons and thrive.

Today the Weston Little League is a vibrant and positive part of the community. Over 50 teams were fielded last spring season, opening opportunities for involvement to more families than ever before – opportunities that have grown through the dedication of donors, board members, coaches and parents.

Steve Bruneau is passionate about bringing a great growing experience to young people in his area through Little League. His financial practice, Boston 128 Companies, gave generously along with others to help build the new Little League complex. He has coached 38 teams in the space of nearly three decades.

“My greatest reward is if one of my players sees me years later and says, ‘Hey, Mr. Bruneau, I played for you in Little League, and I just want you to know it was a good experience.’”