California dreamin’ goes epic

Andrew and Monica Rowley have worked with Pat Kelley for many years. They began doing some basic financial planning together when Rowley’s business was a simple indoor soccer field. During that time, Pat worked with Andrew and Monica to put basic permanent life insurance in place to protect their family and business against loss.

As their business grew, Andrew and Monica began getting nice notes from their customers. Families were thanking them for providing a place where they could all do something together.

The notes were heartwarming, and they sparked the beginning of a bigger dream. Andrew and Monica began imagining a sports entertainment complex that would take family and community togetherness to the next level. A place featuring indoor fitness, along with lanes, courts and fields for all kinds of sports, ages and groups. A place where great food and drink could be served and great gatherings be staged.

The dream was truly epic – reflected in the name they chose, Epicenter Sports and Entertainment.

Funding the dream was another matter. That’s when the early financial planning with Pat Kelley proved its value. Because Andrew and Monica had sufficient cash value in an Ameritas permanent life insurance policy, they could use some of it as a loan to help finance their dream.

They built it, and the community came. Today, Epicenter Sports is a vibrant part of Santa Rosa, California, and beyond. On any given day, you may see a basketball league, a special needs soccer game or a game-watching party in the Victory House Sports Bar & Restaurant. You might see a bowling league enjoying food, drink and big-screen sports as they play. Or, the littlest members of a family burning off energy in the trampoline zone Rockin’ Jump or giggling as they come out of a summer camp. Athletes of all ages enjoy downtime as they play in the arcade.

Just months after this story was filmed, the Santa Rosa Community was devastated in the California wildfires. The flames came perilously close to Epicenter – stopped only by heroic efforts of firefighters. The Epicenter team stepped up to care for their community and employees. They started a fund, Epic Fire Relief. Epicenter became a gathering place for the food, clothing and supplies their neighborhood needed to recover. They continue providing employment for hundreds as Santa Rosa rebounds. We salute the spirit of this remarkable company and community.

Ameritas is proud to have played a part in making this wonderful business a reality.