Illuminating the value of life insurance

Ajay Bansal came to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1969 as a student and began his career as an electrical engineer with a firm that employed him as a design engineer.

“I designed an electrical substation in Cincinnati, and that was my first exposure to installations in America,” Ajay explained. He then worked as an estimator. Working and learning the business, he began thinking of starting his own engineering and construction company.

Ajay founded Bansal Construction, Inc. in 1982. With hard work, ingenuity and a focus on safety, BCI earned increasingly complex infrastructure engineering projects. His company serves as an electrical and general contractor specializing in the installation of traffic signals, roadway and parking lot lighting, airport runway and taxiway lighting, and navigational equipment throughout the Midwest.

Ran Gupta of Total Asset Planning has been among the leading financial professionals representing Ameritas since 2001. A prominent member of the Million Dollar Round Table, Ran has worked closely with Ajay for decades, creating financial strategies for his family and for Bansal Construction, Inc. Business owner life insurance has always been an important part of those plans.

“So many lives are at stake, and many people work at this company. If I was not available, many lives would be affected,” Ajay asserted. “I am a firm believer in life insurance.”

A true family business and entrepreneur success story, Ajay’s son Anu is now leading the company into the next generation, and their future looks bright.

“I feel very proud I’m going to leave a company for my son and maybe his descendants,” said Ajay, the first in his family to begin a business. “If they can keep working in this country and be of service to the community, that is what will make me really happy.”

Ameritas is proud to protect this American dream.