Making miracles in New Orleans

Imagine being a kid, watching your friends or siblings playing in a great sports game. It looks like so much fun, but you’re not out there because you’ve got a special need or limitation. So you feel, well … sidelined.

That’s why Miracle League was created. Their mission is multi-faceted: to promote the health and well-being of children with disabilities; to provide opportunities for able-bodied children to learn about and interact with children with disabilities; and to develop community awareness and support for the child athlete with disabilities through organized sports leagues.

It’s a great idea and it’s getting bigger all the time. Miracle League serves more and more kids each year. And, they now offer opportunities to play baseball, basketball and soccer.

Does it make a difference? The smiling faces of everyone involved tell the story.

In New Orleans, Miracle League brings the whole community together. Keith Gillies of Wealth Solutions LLC and his family are passionate about helping out. See the video story to learn how Keith and his son Keagan have teamed up with the baseball organization at Brother Martin High School to help Miracle League of Greater New Orleans.

Ameritas is proud to be represented by independent financial professionals like Keith who make life more fulfilling in their hometowns.