K9 Unit Safety: Providing a safe ride

Meet Tango, a Belgian Malinois K9 police dog in the Forest Park Police Department in Ohio. Tango is a dual-purpose dog, meaning he does patrols and is certified in narcotics. Some of Tango’s missions include tracking, article searches, building searches and missing people searches. His handler and partner, Officer Jake Tamaska, says simply having a K9 can deter crime in the community.

But Tango needs protection, too. The K9 unit insert is made by American Aluminum and bolts to the police car’s frame to prevent Tango from sliding around in the car. Another safety feature is the heat alarm. If the temperature inside the K9 patrol car gets too hot, the lights start flashing on the cruiser and the horn will honk. This alerts Officer Tamaska and others to a problem. When the heat alarm goes off, the cruiser’s windows automatically roll down, and Tango’s fan turns on.

Ameritas donated the specialized K9 insert to help keep Tango safe while he protects the community. Serving communities with purpose is a key value of Ameritas. Providing Tango a safe ride while he keeps the community safe is just one example.

Ameritas is proud to be part of this fulfilling life story.