Protection for life’s uncertainties

Protection for life’s uncertainties - life insurance policy Life can be precious and fleeting. That’s what Ben and Linda Cramer felt when they unexpectedly lost a dear friend in a car accident. During that tragic moment they decided to take stock of their “what if” plan.

At that time they had two young boys. A close family friend referred the Cramers to Kevin Grunawalt, an Ameritas financial professional who had a great reputation among their circle of friends.

Kevin met with Ben and Linda and walked them through their options. They discussed everything: retirement plans, college funds, savings objectives and, of course, life insurance. They wanted to make sure if the unthinkable happened, the family was covered.

A mere four years later the unthinkable did happen. Ben was killed in a car accident. Linda was now the sole caregiver and provider with two young boys to raise. The life insurance policy allowed her to work part time as a labor and delivery nurse. She was then able to focus on being a mom and a strong and constant figure in the boys’ lives.

Kevin has worked tirelessly to make sure Linda and her family have life insurance policies for whatever their future holds. He’s seen firsthand that being ready with a plan for the uncertainties in life can help keep a family going so they can continue to live a fulfilling life.

We are proud to be in the business of fulfilling life.

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