Smart entrepreneur, strong safety net

Wayne remembers when he first told Valerie he wanted to start his own company. It was a turning point ― that first bold step all entrepreneurs must take to achieve their dreams.

He started a consultancy, putting in long hours to get it off the ground. Bringing together talented groups of IT professionals, he resolved his clients’ toughest digital challenges. Networking was a constant part of the effort, connecting with the right folks to reach the right opportunities.

Over time he grew the firm to a considerable value. Valerie, who had left a high-profile career to be the stay-at-home parent for their two daughters, continued managing home life while Wayne managed the thriving consultancy.

When you’re the brains of the business, you’re smart enough to protect your paycheck. Wayne worked with his agent to put vital coverage in place: an Ameritas disability income insurance policy. The features of the policy were exactly what he needed to ensure his family’s basic financial needs could be handled in the event he could not work.

It was December 30, 2014, when it happened. The whole family was together, enjoying the holidays at home when Wayne suffered a stroke that left him with serious cognitive and physical deficits.

Valerie and the girls became his advocates through a daunting, complex medical journey, and Wayne’s business revenues dropped significantly. As Wayne describes it, “As your mental acuity dropped off and your availability dropped off, a lot of these networks collapsed.”

Wayne’s disability income insurance policy began providing an income stream that kept life’s basics going. The policy helped pay college costs, gave Valerie the freedom to focus on caregiving and allowed Wayne to concentrate on getting better.

Progress through recovery has been tough. But with the safety net of disability income insurance, Wayne is steadily regaining lost ground with the same determination and discipline that built his business.

Ameritas proudly fulfills promises to customers like this every day.