Vision care insurance: A valuable benefit

Amber Colston enjoys her work as a new business representative for Ameritas disability income insurance products. Like most professionals in this kind of position, she spends most of her days reviewing applications on computer screens. It wasn’t until two years into her employment when she started to notice some changes.

“I was getting very bad headaches, and my vision would get blurred,” Amber said. “I would have a lot of issues concentrating on the work at hand.”

Her first step was to make an appointment for a vision exam to get her eyes checked. That’s when she decided to take a closer look at the vision care insurance coverage Ameritas provides in its employee benefits.

“Once I saw the coverage we had, it completely took away any stress and fear that I had (about my appointment),” Amber said.

At the appointment, Amber described her computer screen fatigue. Her doctor reassured her the symptoms she was experiencing of eyestrain headaches are common for people who work in front of computers all day. He helped her get the right pair of glasses that fit her eyecare coverage.

“The first day I sat down with my new glasses, it was amazing,” Amber said. “It made me really appreciate the company that I work for. It makes me feel like they really care about us.”

Were proud to offer our customers great vision coverage, too.